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Prior Condition of Your Hair and Self, and Helpful Suggestions

How long must my hair be in order to lengthen it? Minimum hair length for a successful application is 8-10 cm and for a full head application, 13-16 cm would be preferable. If I have very fine hair, will the extensions be seen easier? No, Great Lengths supplies thinner hair strands. Seek advice at one of our Great Lengths partners. Can the hair be dangerous during pregnancy? Our extensions are made with high quality Indian hair and its structure is very similar to European hair. Applying or removing extensions during pregnancy is not dangerous. You must however note that during pregnancy or while breast feeding hair loss tends to increase because of hormone variations. If this were to be the case then the extensions need to be removed as your natural hair would not stand the weight of the extensions. Do you see the bonds? The bonds are even flatter. The bonds are perceivable only when you pass your hands through your hair. May I apply extensions for the third time? Yes you may because the application does not in any way cause risks. Great Lengths recommends that you return to your certified Great Lengths partner salon approximately two weeks after your application. This follow-up visit allows your hairdresser to inspect the application and ensure that your Great Lengths application result is performing as expected. Is it possible to have extensions with a natural wave? All of our extensions have a natural wave however they may be styled as desired. Hair extensions after an illness We usually do not recommend extensions right after hair loss due to illnesses or hormonal causes. Your hair should be left the time to strengthen and then you may try applying a couple of strands to see how your hair reacts.

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