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Sports Activities and Your Hair Extensions

May I go swimming with extensions? Of course you may! The bonds are made of keratin with a structure very similar to hair's structure and therefore it doesn't melt in water. It is very solid and extremely safe. You may have extensions applied even if you do water sports. You should wash your hair afterwards to remove chloride. If I go to the beach what do I have to do? With Great Lengths extensions you may go in salt water. You should rinse your hair with clear water and dry them as soon as possible. Can I tie my hair while doing sports? Great Lengths extensions are applied in the most natural way possible. If you know that you will tie your hair often after having your extensions applied, let your hairdresser know and the extensions will be applied so that they will remain invisible when you tie your hair. Solarium: is this a problem? This should not be a problem. Cover your hair with a towel or use our Energy Conditioner.

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