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Special Care for Your Hair Extensions

Is special care necessary after having my extensions applied? Extensions may be treated as regular hair but long hair always needs special attention. Great Lengths offers quality products and special brushes. Should the extensions be straightened? You can use a hair straightener but the bonds should never come in contact with the tool. In case of dry ends we suggest you use Great Lengths Hair fluid and Great Lengths hair care products that you will find available in all our partner salons. Apple vinegar makes hair shine: can I use it? Great Lengths does not guarantee for these types of treatments. We have a wide range of products for hair care; seek advice in one of our partner Great Lengths salons. Can I run my fingers through my hair? Yes, you should run your fingers through the bonds to keep them separated. How many times should I have my extensions checked? It is necessary to have your extensions checked at least once every month in order for the hair extensionist to cut the natural hairs that have fallen out but are entrapped between the scalp and the bonding avoiding them to tangle. What shampoo should I use? You should use one of Great Lengths shampoos which have been specially developed for use with our extensions. Other shampoos may not maintain the quality of your extensions.

How should I care for my hair during shampooing? Use little pressure while shampooing. Always brush the strands with a Great Lengths brush and without pulling. Start drying from the roots and then the bonds. Make sure the bonds fully dry. Do I need to be careful while brushing my hair? Yes. This is why Great Lengths has created a special brush.

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