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Preparation for and Application of Your Hair Extensions

Will my hair be pre-treated before the extension? Your hair will be washed in order to eliminate silicone and all other substances. This will help guarantee the duration of the extensions. How long does the application take? If the application is done with single strands it will take about three hours. Great Lengths also offers systems that take only about one hour. Without extensions my hair is so thin. We have noticed that some of our clients, once the extensions are removed, feel that their hair is thinner than usual but this is not true, it is only because they had gotten used to the volume and thickness they had with the extensions. I ordered too many strands. What do I do? We suggest you to store them in a clean and dry place. I’m losing too much hair. It is normal to lose 10% of the strands while wearing extensions. If you are in doubt, your Great Lengths certified salon will help you. Can I add some strands later? You may always add strands afterwards.

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