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Your Hair Color and Your Extensions Color

Great Lengths hair extensions create innovative colors. It has never been so simple to create brilliant and fascinating hair colors. Can extensions be styled as your own hair? Yes! Because Great Lengths extensions are 100% human hair you may treat them in just the same way as your own hair. Everything is possible. Will the extensions adapt to my hair color? Great Lengths has a large variety of base colors and it is quite impossible not to match a color to your hair. Coloring is also possible after the extensions have been applied. Why do Great Lengths extensions colors last so long? This is because of our osmosis process. We remove the hairs color pigment without destroying it and before recoloring. This makes the color last longer. How many possible color variations exist? Hundreds if not unlimited. Great Lengths offers a very wide range of colors and if this is not enough the strands may be colored singularly. Can I oxygenate my hair? We suggest you ask assistance at one of our partner salons. Great Lengths' hair may be lightened up to 9% H2O2: however, we do not recommend this to be done on tonalities from black to brown or from dark to blond. Which tonality is the lightest? Color 59 is the lightest color and we also do not recommend perming this color. What are graded strands? Graded strands are strands that start with a light color tonality and become darker. These strands mix well with your own hair and only experts will notice these strands. These strands are a perfect solution for who prefers not to treat their hair more than necessary. Why are Great Lengths colors so intense? Great Lengths' colors are intense due to our osmosis process which allows the hair to absorb more color pigments giving the hair a deep and intense look. Can I perm my hair and can I use styling products? You may perm your hair and use styling products. Great Lengths offers a wide array of products and these products assure beauty for your extensions. None of our products contain alcohol.

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